Starting a fertility treatment is not something to be undertaken lightly. FertiGenève team is with you throughout your journey, to listen to your concerns, to answer your questions and to help you find solutions.

After an initial assessment, you’ll be offered a treatment plan tailored to your situation.

Step 1: make an appointment with one of FertiGenève REI specialists

The first step to personalized treatment as you seek to start a family at FertiGenève is to select and contact a FertiGenève reproductive medicine specialist. Your doctor will ensure personalized care and support you at each step of your journey, from the investigations and throughout your treatment.

At your first appointment, your doctor will assess your health and the factors that are making it difficult for you to have a child.

Step 2: your fertility assessment

You may be offered additional tests, based on your personal needs. They will help discover the cause of your fertility problems, whether it is male, female, combined or sexual.

The treatment of infertility obviously depends on its causes. That is why it is essential to conduct a fertility assessment, if possible on both partners, before any interventions.

The REI specialist, a gynaecologist, conducts the initial investigation on both women and men. He/she will order several tests to establish a diagnosis.

For women, the investigation generally includes:

  • A vaginal ultrasound to examine the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the uterus
  • Blood tests for hormone evaluation
  • Further examinations may be offered, such as a radiological examination to reveal potential tubal obstruction, or a laparoscopy to assess pelvic organs and tubal patency.

For men, the infertility investigation consists mainly of:

  • A semen analysis to assess sperm quality
  • Blood tests for hormone evaluation and detection of any sexually transmitted infections
  • If the quality of the sperm is very poor, an assessment by a urologist andrologist will be recommended

If necessary, your case will be discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting involving a range of FertiGenève specialists.

Step 3: choice of treatment

You will have a second consultation with your doctor, during which he or she will explain the results of your examinations and offer you the most appropriate treatments for your situation. The couple will of course make the final decision.

FertiGenève offers all the treatments that are authorized in Switzerland, namely: