Sex therapy

Sexual problems are at the root of around 10 to 15% of cases where couples are unable to conceive. A consultation with a sex therapist may be the only treatment needed.

This is particularly true when sex is not frequent enough: having intercourse less than once a week gives only a 17% chance of getting pregnant. Twice a week or more increases this figure to 80%.

The reasons for less frequent intercourse are many and varied, and include friction, fear, lack of libido, pain during penetration, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Sex therapy is intended to help couples resolve some of these problems, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Intervention by a specialist also involves helping couples to manage their sex life more satisfactorily, both during and after treatment. Assisted reproductive technology may cause the couple’s sexual relationship to become solely focused on the reproductive function.

Certain emotional causes and physiological problems can also disrupt the endocrine system and prevent the woman from ovulating. Men can experience a wide range of problems related to desire that can cause erectile dysfunction and ejaculation difficulties.

At FertiGenève, you can, if you wish, take advantage of sex therapy consultations throughout your medically assisted reproduction journey.