Skilled professionals focused on helping you to start your family

A team of fertility specialists offering you comprehensive, personalized care

A team of fertility specialists offering you comprehensive, personalized care

At FertiGenève you’ll receive multidisciplinary support at every stage of your journey: from fertility assessment to treatments, including analyses and psychological support.

As experts in the different aspects of fertility working with the most advanced technologies in the field of reproductive medicine, the specialists at FertiGenève are on hand to listen to you, to answer your questions and to work with you on a personalized plan.

Around 10 to 15% of couples in Switzerland experience fertility issues. As every situation is unique, in-depth examinations are necessary to select the right treatment for you. FertiGenève’s medical team and its partners work hand in hand to create comprehensive, personalized treatments.

As a public-private partnership, FertiGenève brings together reproductive medicine specialists, biologists, embryologists and leading institutions in Geneva: : the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Clinique Générale-Beaulieu and Fertas Laboratories.

Our team of reproductive medicine specialists in Geneva


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A cutting edge laboratory

FertiGenève Reproductive Biology Laboratory is equipped with the latest ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies).

Our experienced reproductive medicine specialists and embryologists will provide innovative solutions (time-lapse embryo culture, preimplantation genetic testing, etc.) throughout your fertility journey.

FertiGenève offers all the treatments authorized in Switzerland by the new Federal Act on Medically Assisted Reproduction (LPMA), which was implemented in September 2017.

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