Optimal security

In addition to complying with statutory requirements, the laboratory has introduced a high-security sample traceability system as part of its continuous quality improvement process.

The RI-Witness system

The couple receiving treatment is identified using an electronic card and all samples (sperm cells, oocytes and embryos) are identified with a chip that links them back to their owner. This technology is an additional level of security to conventional control procedures, which are already extremely strict.

The system ensures exhaustive tracking of all the steps that are completed during the treatment process, and consequently improves the traceability of the work that is performed.

In 2017, the Federal Act on Medically Assisted Reproduction (LPMA) imposed new security and quality requirements on ART laboratories. The Fertas Laboratory, a FertiGenève partner, had been adhering to these stringent standards voluntarily for many years through its ISO 15189 accreditation and its highly qualified staff.