This is an innovative laboratory tool, which combines a video camera and a microscope in a cutting-edge incubator. It is used to produce time-lapse videos to improve understanding of embryonic development.

The optimal incubation capacity of the EmbryoScope+ and the information it captures increases the IVF success rate.

Time-lapse video for the first 5 days of embryonic development

What does it involve?

Time-lapse video for the first 5 days of embryonic development

Until now, the embryos of couples undergoing IVF were cultured in conventional incubators. Biologists had to conduct three to five morphological assessments using a microscope to monitor their development. These ad hoc assessments had to be quick and limited in order to minimise the stress experienced by the embryos (due to variations in light, temperature, humidity, pH and oxygen).

The EmbryoScope+ now enables the embryo to be observed without removing it from the incubator. The device photographs the embryos every ten minutes, for three to six days. The images are used to create time-lapse videos, without the need to manipulate the embryos.

Benefits of EmbryoScope+

  • Optimizesembryonic development by stabilizing incubation conditions.
  • Providesnew morphological and kinetic information to biologists to identify the embryos that are most likely to result in a pregnancy. It is now possible to culture 12 embryos and transfer just one into the uterus. Unused but viable embryos can be cryopreserved for future use.
  • Offers couples the option of a video preview of their embryos’ first few days of development.