PD Dr Med. Isabelle Streuli

Gynaecologist specializing in reproductive medicine and endocrinology; Head of the Reproductive Medicine Unit at HUG

Isabelle Streuli works at HUG and splits her time between specialist consultations in reproductive medicine and her research and teaching activities.

PD Dr Med.  <strong>Isabelle Streuli</strong>

Experience :

  • 2018 – Lecturer, University of Geneva
  • 2018 – Master’s in Management of Health Care Institutions
  • 2015 – Science dissertation, Paris Descartes University, France
  • 2015 – Associate professor thesis, University of Geneva
  • 2013 – Head of the Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology Unit, HUG
  • 2013 – FMH accreditation for advanced training in reproductive medicine and gynaecological endocrinology
  • 2010-2012 – Training in reproductive medicine, Cochin Hospital, Paris & Research Master’s, Paris Descartes University
  • 2010 – FMH accreditation in gynaecology and obstetrics & advanced training in surgical gynaecology and obstetrics

Languages :

French, English, German

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